Craft Ideas Using Glass Marbles or Pebbles

Glass marbles and pebbles are versatile in their craft applications. They are beautiful to look at and can be easily purchased from any craft store near you. Also, these marbles and pebbles come in various shapes and sizes – round, flat, abstract, big and small. You don’t have to shell out too much money to get them either. Here are a few craft ideas using glass marbles or pebbles:

Glass Marble Fashionable Earrings – These fashionable earrings take 10 minutes to make and can be used to accessorize any outfit you want. However, make sure that you invest in some nice marbles since you want the effect to be great.

Things Needed:

Craft Wire (Silver) 18 to 20 gauges, 30 cm

Flat nose plier

Craft plier


Light Marble in any color you want with hole

Instructions: Pass the craft wire through the center of the marble. Wrap the wire around the bead in concentric circles till 4 cm of wire is left on either side. Twist one 4 cm side around the other and use a pen to create a hook with the other side.

Glass Marble or Pebble Gazing Garden Ball – If your garden looks boring or you want to add a bit of fun to your living room, you can make this glass marble or pebble gazing ball. It might be best to set a day aside for this project.

Things Needed:

Glass Fixture or Bowling Ball

Flat Glass Marbles or Pebbles in various shapes

Glue Gun

Instructions: Start gluing the pebbles or flat marbles on the surface of the sphere. Make sure no space is left between the marbles. This is where the smaller marbles would be used. It is necessary to do this outside the house because glue and glue guns can be extremely smelly. Allow your craft project a few hours to dry before you use it in your house or garden.

Pebble Rug or Mat – If you want to add a beach like ambience to your bathroom or house, this pebble rug or mat can be extremely useful. You can also make this using glass marbles. The bigger stones and pebbles you use, the lesser time it would take to finish this project. You can also mix and match sizes to create an abstract look.

Things Needed:

Pebbles, River Stones or Glass Marbles

Contact Adhesive

Rubber Mat

Instructions: Spread your mat over some newspapers before you begin. Now, you need to decide the kind of symmetry you want. Arrange the pebbles before you start the project to get an idea about the final results. Once you are satisfied, start applying glue from the center and place your pebbles. Make sure you are using enough glue. When you are at the edge, you can either fill the gaps with some smaller pebbles or leave it like that.

Pebble Jewelry and Belt Hanger – If you are tired of jewelry boxes and want your beautiful stoles, necklaces and belts to be on display, you can make this hanger and stick it anywhere you want.

Things Needed:

Pebbles or Medium Sized Round Stones

Double-sided foam tape

Instructions: Simple cut strips of the tape and put them at the back of the pebble or rock. Make sure that the rock isn’t too big or it won’t hold. Stick the pebble at the back of your dresser door or against the wall. These pebble hangers best stick to wallpaper. You can now hang belts, necklaces and stoles on your pebble hanger.

Glass Pebble Magnets – These magnets are ideal for events where there is a set theme. For instance, baby showers, birthday parties, anniversaries, et al. You can also make these magnets for your room or the fridge.

Things Needed:

Transparent Flat Glass Marbles

Old Stock Paper



Silicon Sealer

Round Magnets (same size as the marbles)

Instructions: Simply cut the relevant images from a magazine and paste them on the stock paper before adhering them to the magnet. Now, use your silicon sealer to attach the glass marble to the magnet and you are done. Allow some time to dry.

The best thing about glass marbles and pebbles is that they can turn any old item in your house instantly glamorous looking.